Metro Justice, Inc. and Metro Justice Education Fund

Metro Justice is comprised of two separate corporate entities, Metro Justice, Inc. and Metro Justice Education Fund. Although both organizations share a common mission, it is necessary for Metro Justice to utilize two separate organizations to do the range of work that is needed to create a more fair and just society. This web site collectively refers to the two organizations under the colloquial name Metro Justice.

Even though there may be some overlap in the work done by each, certain activities are done by one organization and not the other. This is primarily in the area of lobbying.

Metro Justice, Inc. engages in lobbying activities through its social action campaigns and newsletter. Metro Justice Education Fund is eligible to receive contributions that are tax-deductible and, as a result, is limited by federal law in how much lobbying it can do. Therefore, Metro Justice Education Fund is dedicated to supporting the work of its many task forces and providing education through workshops and trainings.

You may make a contribution—go to membership—to Metro Justice, Inc or to Metro Justice Education Fund or both. A contribution to either organization will be used to achieve social and economic justice for all. However, each organization will only use the funds contributed directly to it to carry out the specific activities it conducts as part of the overall Metro Justice mission.


Metro Justice, 167 Flanders Street, Rochester NY 14619
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